Microsoft has reinvented, upgraded and refreshed its Windows many so times in the last few years that one would hope that the designers will put an end to the process. But ending Windows is not part of the plan of Microsoft. Instead, the company introduced a new iteration of Windows; Windows 10. Officially unveiled in late 2014, the latest Windows is now changing the way private users and business owners use their personal computers. This time, Windows 10 is not just an operating system reserved for personal computers; this latest OS from Microsoft can now work on phones thus adding a new meaning to mobility and productivity.

Improved user experience now possible

Improved user experience is one of the latest offerings of Windows 10, which should serve as good news for professional and advanced users. Starting up the operating system is faster when compared with other earlier versions of the OS. Managing files is also easier thanks to an improvement in file history management. With this new OS, the user identifies a back-up drive and it will automatically create backup copies for files saved in Desktop, Favourites and Libraries. The frequency of updates can be adjusted depending on personal preferences and project requirements.

Expect a boost in productivity

The storage space has been improved, allowing it to recognize a variety of external and internal drives thus allowing more files and documents to be stored. All of the data in the computer are automatically backed up in case there is a problem with the computer, or the drive experiences a failure. This should be helpful for business owners and corporate users that see business and corporate data as critical in boosting the bottom-line. And speaking of a productive work experience with Windows 10, users and fans of Windows will be glad to know that the latest version of Windows now carries a native antivirus. Everyone knows how ‘dirty and malicious’ the web can be, and any moment your PC may get a virus or malware that can compromise system security and confidentiality of files and data. This is now addressed by Windows 10 without having to buy another expensive antivirus program. When you install Windows 10 in your PC, it now comes fully loaded with the Windows Defender. Think of the Windows Defender as your initial defence against malware intrusion. This malware protection may not necessarily trump other premium antivirus programs out there, but you can be sure of a layer of protection for your computer.