information systems

IT systems in casinos are a seriously interesting development in both usability and security. I’ll explain a few of the technological advents here. 

One incredible new IT system is Smart Facial Recognition. Facial recognition systems have been used for some time now and their main functionality comes when discerning suspicious people and cheaters along the gambling floor. Now way your average casino crook is getting away with his antics anymore! Beyond detecting those foul subjects, it even offers management to determine who is a regular guest and ensure that their stay is as pleasant and care free as possible.

Another wild tech system in casinos comes out of Asia. Considering the attraction and mass of gamblers in Asia, problems arise and casinos must adapt. The Angel Eye is one solution that I feel can be mirrored world-wide. The Angel Eye is your casinos in-house card switching deterrent. The device is laid on each playing table and it reads the invisible ink which is printed on the back of cards. It automatically records the number of cards the dealer uses and as soon as there is a discrepancy, the culprit will be caught in a matter of seconds. This I find wildly attractive and am fully impressed that Asian casinos now have this capacity.

One software that has been developed takes facial surveillance to the next level. NORA, or Non Obvious Relationship Analysis, scans each customer as they come into the building and with their brief facial recognition their features are run against and extensive database of known cheaters.

It can at least raise flags and often leads to profiling, but it is certainly a product alternative system to accelerate an investigation or keep security personal on the ball. Who will be the next decoy to be caught!

One more for today: Counter Surveillance Scanners. Now these get the best of modern technology users who feel they can get away with photographing decks of cards. This push for counter surveillance detects extremely sensitive alternative technology to what is already employed by the casino themselves. Sure is costly for the casino, but certainly not as much as a culprit getting by with millions!