One might find this post a little outlandish, but I will argue here the nature in which a computer plays poker itself. In its system of gambling, trial and error, chance and all else, the computer systematically approaches your own level of usage and affords an equitable reward for one’s level and understanding.

The rewards and depth system is one I came up with, but it successfully measures the extent to which the individual might approach the complexity of the internet. Coding coding coding. If you can handle that, then you’re approached almost an expert level of computer competence. With this prestigious hand in the poker game, one can manipulate and achieve almost what they wish, with enough time and effort. As if it were literally a game of cards, your luck and favor changes with diligence and knowledge. That is to say, were I to approach the world series of poker, even with my experience, I’d be tossed out on the lawn before the second hand is drawn.

I enjoy poker quite thoroughly, and I am not afraid to say it. My poker competence does not directly correlate to my knowledge of the computer and extent there, but were I to measure said competence in this way, I’d be undoubtedly your famed star, your expert enthusiast who cannot get enough. Let’s just say these are my own measures, but hey, what can you do!

Computers and the networks and language they are composed of create a systematic game. A game in which variables must be considered. What’s on the line? What if I make this move and my life is on the line because I was gambling too much over the last few weeks? The same might be said for playing poker.

You start posting and engaging the internet blindly, as one might be inclined to do so when playing poker. You can end up in the hole in just about no time. Your reputation is tarnished and you become the laughing stock of the internet, hitting blog forums as far as reddit and twitter which openly display your mishaps.

My argument is thus here: watch out before you dig a hole too deep to crawl out of. That require nothing more than acknowledging one’s limits.