To all those new onlookers, I will cordially introduce myself as your in-house tech-savvy guide and enthusiast around the depths of computer networking systems and their role and weight relative to casinos.

As a child, my parents had a rough time prying me from any technology that I could get me hands on. When I was young, only the first computers existed, and they sure weren’t cheap. I would find myself at my wealthier cousins house almost every afternoon attempting to further navigate what now seems like a primitive interface.

Luckily, these days of trial and error and naive functionality wishes afforded me a great interest in programming and manipulating the pages and networks I deal in.

Using such programming language as C, C++, and Java at such an oddly young age, I have been reluctant to stop. Ensuring the world algorithm is my middle name, I have worked at a variety of computing places, but as soon as they comment on my gambling affection, I am out the door. Luckily in this field, there aren’t very many folks with the depth of competence in networking language and forethought.

Nonetheless, I commence the publication of this blog because I believe everyone has the right to be aware of what i spent most of my life simply trying to understand. I’ll be entertaining both my interests in gambling and casinos, but will tie that into my understanding of new IT systems. Furthermore, I’ll comment on slot machines and how the computer itself manages to play poker.